Corporate Social Responsibility

Dafodell is a large Business firm that has been selling their products since 2008 and therefore we have distinctive responsibilities to all the communities in which we operate. We take care of the facilities, work- culture and health of our employees and strictly eliminates child labor. We prevent the things that have negative impact on the environment.

Our social responsibilities in sourcing products nationally – whether in India or outside India- are mostly in every organisation & product decision we make. We provide highly domestic kitchen appliances for total goodly environment in your kitchen. We maintain high quality and ensure timely delivery of the products. Strict quality checking is done for the selection of raw material.

While we are always working hard for the highest liability, we want our customers to be positive in the knowledge that we are committed for keeping regular review of our business partners, manufacturers and the manner in which we interact with the communities that help us take our products to your home.

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