Give A Contemporary Spin To Your Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are a rage these days. What was once limited to a few homes with edgier interiors is now a requirement of every household. Trendy and modern; contemporary designs provide a very futuristic look to the kitchen. They also make the kitchen space uncluttered, as designs such as Grain Trolley and Hanging Double Shelf occupy minimum area, providing the cook with ample space to move around and cook with ease. Kitchen is pretty much the heart of the house and it is important that it reflects the unique essence of the home. Go for comfort that at the same time ooze elegance when looking for designs to transform your kitchen space. Whenever one thinks of the kitchen area of the house, we are reminded of warmth and happiness, simmering hot dishes and the whole family coming together on the dinning table to have their food. Such a space should exude warmth and yet have a stylish outer look where one can comfortably work. A messy and littered space certainly doesn’t appeal to anyone. Traditional is too elaborate and too old fashioned and ultra modern designs give kitchen a very cold look, contemporary is just the right fit that brings best of the two worlds together in a classy and warmth infused way. Openness is a key element when designing your kitchen on a contemporary look so opt for kitchen accessories that give you maximum utility in minimum space. There are no strict dos and dont’s when you go for contemporary design styles so you can mix and match and create your own thing. In case you are panning to give your kitchen a sleek, edgy and retro style then kitchen accessories from http://www.dafodell.com/about-us/ can be your gateway to a beautiful new kitchen.

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How To Plan Your Dream Modular Kitchen

A kitchen is an integral part of every house and a place where most of the time spent by the families. It should be designed for functionality and convenience. To make it classy, stylish and contemporary people are spending a lot of money. A well-planned modular kitchen can provide great storage in a small place. But for planning a modular kitchen requires particular skills and expertise that can match your inspiration and can easily distinguish from others. Your planning should start with visiting modular kitchen manufacturers this will allow you to understand the layouts, accessories and give you an idea of what suits best to you and your kitchen space. It will enable you to create a family friendly kitchen as ample seating space will make it cosy and have a look of gathering room. A busy and overcrowded kitchen can also be made relaxing with proper and timely planning. And when you have planned your kitchen it will offer you a wealth of designs and style. In a planned kitchen style and functionality goes hands in hand. And the next step towards your dream kitchen is your meeting with the designer. The designer on understanding the layout, component and material of your choice will plan for the further steps. You can expect a series of questions from the designer to have a better clarity on your requirements. Meeting will allow the designer to design a kitchen blended with modern and traditional elements. The design will showcase the craftsmanship and storage space embedded with modern amenities. Once you approve the design created on paper and finalised the accessories and appliances, the designer will visit your place with the team for actual and final measurement. The designers focus towards developing a kitchen where you can relax and have fun. And the visit is aimed to mix these elements by having a real-time exposure of the available space. It also allows them to remove the old soffits and create heights within the kitchen. That will make your kitchen longer than what it is actually, and you will have increased storage space. Planning done, designs are ready, and you are just one step away from your dream kitchen. But before signing any contract with your designer make sure you check their previous work and profile. It will allow you to articulate how effectively the developer has executed the client's expectations. The job of a kitchen designer is more or less similar to an interior designer. Designers are expected to be sharp, creative and good at drafting skills, and to judge these qualities you have to visit the sites of their prior work. Their educational level should also be considered to check their technical competence and adoption to modern technology. Your dreams are not meant just to invest profusely in the modular kitchen; every stride should be taken to contribute towards the realisation of long cherished dream. From your visit to the manufacturer and planning the kitchen layout with your designer and discussing their previous work and qualification, each step will contribute equally. The more you involved in these activities, the better you get to know how to plan your dream modular kitchen.

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Rustom Rastogi

I purchased the bar racks and other bar items from dafodell for my newly opened bar and got the best in look and finishing. The material used in it is awesome and gives the best look to my bar. The attractive design of the multi pole system gave me lots of appreciation from my customers and ultimately its credit goes to Dafodell.

Jessica Priston

The items sold on Dafodell are really durable and even the price is worthy. I had to purchase the entire kitchen set items and i was in search for the brand with affordable price and durable cost. Dafodell gave me the best deal and now the kitchen items are really stylish.I am happy with what i got on Dafodell.